Adobe Lightroom Guided Upright Tool for Perspective Correction in Photos

The original Upright tool in Lightroom is designed to automatically correct crooked horizons and wonky perspectives in photographs. I often find it extremely handy, but the completely automated nature of it was a bit limiting. Now, however, Adobe has added Guided Upright, which performs similar functions but allows for much greater control—and you don’t have to leave Lightroom and go into Photoshop to use it.

The actual mechanism for guiding the adjustments should feel relatively familiar if you have spent any amount of time straightening photos through the crop interface in Lightroom. You guide the algorithm by tracing lines that should be straight within the frame of the photo. You can draw vertical or horizontal lines to make fixes on their respective axes, or combine both to straighten out the entire image.

Of course, the image requires some cropping once you’ve straightened everything out, and you’ll want to apply the lens corrections before you start straightening, but this seems like an extremely promising development, especially for crooked-handed people like myself.