Kickstarter: Galaxy Wants to Bring Back Large Format Dry Plate Photography

It isn't cheap, but this Kickstarter wants to bring back an age-old process

Galaxy Dry Plate Kickstarter Large Format Photography
An example image shot with the Galaxy dry plate negativesGalaxy

Wet plate photography has been making a serious come back lately, but this Kickstarter from Galaxy wants to bring back dry plate, large format photography in a relatively accessible way.

If you’re unfamiliar, the process involves, well, pretty much making big, beautiful, black-and-white negatives out of pieces of laboratory-grade glass. The dry plates have an ISO equivalent of 200, but they’re not sensitive to red-light, so metering is a bit different. That means they can also be developed with the help of a safe light.

Galaxy Dry Plate Kickstarter Large Format Photography
An example of the sharp, but dreamy look created with large format, dry plate negativesGalaxy

The plates come in packs of 10 and start at the standard 4x5-inch size, then move up to 5x7-inch, 8x10-inch, 11x14-inch, and massive 16x20-inch sizes. Of course, the plates aren’t cheap, but alternative process, large format photography rarely is. The 4x5-inch plates check in at around $8 each ($9 once the early bird pledges are over) and the 16x20-inch plates cost $150 each. That’s some serious pressure.

The plates will use the new Galaxy glass plate holders, which will be part of a Kickstarter that's coming soon.