explain this photo game

There are quite a few photos on my hard drive and in my iPhone’s camera roll that no one has ever seen aside from any NSA spies who may be poking around in my data without my knowledge (Hi guys!). The same goes for many people, so Jimmy Fallon invented a game where he and a celebrity swap phones and then explain the odd photos that lie within.

Jimmy played the game with Amy Schumer on his late night talk show and it made for a moderately funny bit. Obviously, they can’t do anything too outrageous, but it’s worth a laugh. What the clip did for me, however, was make me curious about the weird stuff that may be hiding out in the dark corners of my camera roll. Things take an odd turn when you imagine a stranger flipping through your personal photos with no context.

Just scrolling through my Camera Roll, I found all kinds of images I had taken for text conversations or just for a laugh that would take some real explaining. Here’s one:

Thumbs Down Avocados
In this photo, I was upset with avocados Stan Horaczek

Weird, right?