What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of heat? Summer? A backyard barbecue? A big bowl of chili, a hot bath, romance? Heat as a subject is versatile and vast. This week’s Photos of the Day winners provided unique perspectives that spoke to the theme, each interpreting it in their own way. And the results are positively electrifying. 

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Lead image by Rudiescu on Flickr. See more work here.

The electric beat

lighting storm
See more of Dr. Jane’s work here. Dr. Jane

Seeing this electrifying photo by @drjanesphotos on Instagram brought to mind a scene from one of my favorite films, Moonrise Kingdom, in which protagonist Sam Shakusky is struck by a ferocious lightning bolt as he evades capture by the Khaki Scouts. The sooty, smoking outcome puts an end to all questions. Lighting brings the heat.


bike in rome with red chilis
See more of Robert’s work here. Robert Lalancette

When in Rome…I’m still dreaming of a Roman holiday à la Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, but until then, Robert Lalancette’s photo of these charming Italian peppers will do quite nicely.

Sunset from Fireman’s Hill

sunrise in san luis obispo
See more of Mark’s work here. Mark Nakamura

Mark Nakamura records the tranquil, yet intense beauty of a sunset characteristic of the California coast. It’s a hazy, golden dreamland.

Heat of inflation

hot air balloon inflation
See more of William’s work here. William Pead

The clever title of William Pead’s photo goes two ways. Prices are sky-high, and so is the heat that makes a ride in a hot air balloon possible. This picture has me hankering for my own Jules Verne-inspired adventure.

Council, Idaho Fire Department on a winter fire

firefighters fighting house fire
See more of Geoff Cole’s work here. Geoff Cole

Nothing says hot like a fire, and Geoff Cole shows that blazing temps can come from anywhere at any time.

That’s a hot pepper

green chili pepper on a fork. the chili is on fire
See more of Shawn’s work here. Tie Dyed Wanderer

Can’t handle a little spice? Look away from Shawn’s photo. This pepper is on fire—literally.