With summer comes the waves of heat, and depending on your part of the world, it might be something gloriously mild or a humidity nightmare. What better way to keep cool than with a dip? This week’s Photos of the Day winners shared their best water images—some of which were tempting enough to have this editor packing her bags. 

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Lead image by Aleksandr Matveev. See more work here.

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Water Droplets

water droplets on leaf
See more of Kevin’s work here. Kevin Povenz

Nature has incredible detail and Kevin Povenz captures it beautifully. I am always fascinated by the way water can magnify a plant’s most minute qualities with a quiet beauty.

Into the surf

children playing in the ocean
See more work here. PDX Nonno

What’s more refreshing than a mad sprint to the sea on a hot summer day? Instagram user PDX Nonno makes the joy of these youths palpable and now I want to dive right in, too.

Rose bloom after a morning rain shower

red rose with water droplets
See more of Jim’s work here. Jim Kerr

Jim Kerr documents silky rose petals bejeweled in a morning rain. I can almost smell the gentle scent of the flowers perfuming the fresh, damp air.

A blue heron trying to capture a fish

heron diving into water for fish
See more of David’s work here. David Terao

David Terao’s picture made me giggle because this heron is doing (almost) exactly what I want to do in the Southern summer heat: dunk my head into a pool. And the splash of water, frozen in a split second, just adds to the frenzy and enthusiasm.

Tiny boat on the river

river west bengal  india
See more of Chinmoy’s work here. Chinmoy Biswas

Water can be many things: tempestuous, an oasis, an ornament. But here, Chinmoy Biswas shows its tranquility as a person fishes on a still river in West Bengal, India. 

McKay Falls

McKay Falls New Zealand
See more of Mike’s work here. Mike Bodnar

Mike Bodnar’s photo of McKay Falls in New Zealand reminded me of all the times (read: very few) I’ve gone hiking and been rewarded with a beautiful waterfall. Bodnar shot this on slide film with an Olympus OM10. That’s a bonus point for me.