There’s nothing quite like a trip to the seaside. It’s something about the way the saltwater air teases your hair and flavors your sandwich, how the sun reflects off pastel umbrellas, and how the waves rumble in and out, taking with them the occasional sandcastle. This week, we asked to see your best photos of the beach and you delivered, taking us from Maui to Bermuda.

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Lead image by Gordon Webster Photography. See more of Gordon’s work here.

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Driftwood Beach

driftwood beach georgia usa
See more of Leigh Ann’s work here. Leigh Ann McDowell

The only thing better than a Georgia peach is the state’s spectacular shorelines. Leigh Ann McDowell takes us on a tranquil journey to see Driftwood Beach at sunrise—no filters, no Photoshop.

Ruakaka Beach, New Zealand

seashell buried in sand
See more of Mike’s work here. Mike Bodnar

Mike Bodnar offers a beautiful detail shot of an intricate seashell. With its delicate swirls, it lends a creative and abstract sense of place to this week’s theme.


beach bermuda
See more of Nils’ work here. Nils Fierro

Island life is calling in Nils Fierro’s idyllic image of a beach in Bermuda. Look at that sapphire and turquoise water. 

Lahaina, Maui

maui beach
See more of Luke’s work here. Luke Schaftary

A reminder of the power of nature. Luke Schaftary captures the melancholy of a forgotten pier and the unrelenting passage of time. 

Santa Monica

santa monica beach lifeguard post
See more of Ryan’s work here. Ryan Gabbard

Ryan Gabbard’s image (shot on a Rolleiflex and Kodak Portra 400, no less) gave me Wes Anderson vibes. Pastel lifeguard station, full sun…all it needs is a little symmetry and this could be a scene from The Life Aquatic.

Sunset at Dana Point Beach

dana point beach
See more of Mallik’s work here. Mallik Kesavaraju

I love sunsets on the beach. They always seem to last a little bit longer and are just a smidge more glorious. Mallik Kesavaraju’s picture brings to mind the gentle way the waves lap the shore as the din and chatter fade with packed-up picnics and surfers straggling home. Suddenly, it’s just you and the ocean in the twilight.