A gleaming 1961 Chevrolet Corvette stands ready under cloudy skies. An off-road vehicle sends mud flying high. A pristine Model A warms up for a drive. This week’s theme was all about the automotive, and our readers delivered with a mix of detailed shots and majestic car portraits. 

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Lead image by Jeff Potter Photography. See more of Jeff’s work here

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off road vehicle ATV
See more of Morné’s work here. Morné Condon

Look at that mud flying! Morné Condon’s use of motion blur adds to the frenzied fun. What better way to spend a weekend than zipping through the mud with friends? 

Calling all class

vintage car in front of red telephone booth
See more of Peter’s work here. Peter Mortifee

Peter Mortifee’s image is an unfinished book in the making. I can see the story unfold: A mysterious (and beautiful) stranger is making a phone call in the telephone booth. The car rolls up. They get inside. What happens next? 

It’s all in the details

1955 Buick Roadmaster
See more of Susan’s work here. Susan Liepa

Susan Liepa shows off the beautiful vintage details of a 1955 Buick Roadmaster, spotted at the 23rd Annual Gilmore Heritage Auto Show at the Original Farmers Market, Los Angeles.

Speeding off

1936 LaSalle Opera Coupe
See more of Neal’s work here. Neal Martin Dorst

Another tale in the making. A spy dashing into this 1936 LaSalle Opera Coupe, speeding away with the tires squealing. I also love this image because Neal Martin Dorst shot it on 400 Lomography Berlin Kino film with a 1934 Certo Dolina II camera. Talk about cool.


See more of Kirk’s work here. Kirk McElhearn

It’s one of those cars. If you know, you know. I love the subtle reflection of the cloud in the hood, as captured by Kirk McElhearn.

Look back

1931 Model A car
See more of Cash’s work here. Cash Turner

How fun it would be to have a vintage car in the family. Such is the case for Cash Turner, who shared the story behind this photo.

“This one highlights the left side’s circular mirror of the ‘31 Model A. My dad was driving through the old country roads and I thought this photo was a good enough idea. You can see the steering wheel, the windshield, and of course, the mirror.”