Like most of these images, this cake was shot with a Sinar P2 8x10 camera and Schneider 150mm f/5.6 lens on Fujifilm Velvia. Mitch Feinberg

Local Color

For a story about “the best of Los Angeles,” these guitar picks illustrated a section on the local music scene. “I wanted something that was abstract, colorful, and evocative of music,” says Feinberg.

Night Moves

Shot with a Sinar P3 and Phase One digital back, this image of a handbag was a 13-second time exposure during which Feinberg slowly moved the subject. “It reminds me of driving at night in a sexy car,” he says.

Sub-zero Accessory

Not a composite, this image made from a single take was shot in a custom-built tank with a port of optical-quality glass. Feinberg aimed his camera down from above onto a mirror, which made it appear the images were photographed from below.

Fossilized Handbag

From an editorial series titled Fossil, this image is the impression of a Gucci handbag (in cornstarch). The series comprises eight pictures and took a week to execute.

Shell Game

Shot for an article about bird-themed jewelry, this is one of a seren­dipitous series Feinberg fashioned out of eggs he had on hand.

Kaleidoscopic Vision

The cover image for an Absolute magazine fashion issue, this picture is one of a masterful series in which Feinberg arranged kaleidoscopic mosaics out of women’s shoes.