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When the temperatures are sub-zero and you’ve gone into full-blown hibernation mode, cooking is the perfect pastime. What’s on the menu today? Lomograph stew. The process of cooking up your film in a chemical mixture can produce some unexpected and beautiful results, so get into the kitchen and give it a try.


Image via Lomography

All you need to work some photography magic is a few household items such as a pot and some detergent, so this project is really accesible to anyone. The proccess is simple: you essentially splatter your film in the darkroom with a detergent-based solution, boil the film canister in water, and then develop it as you usually would.


Image via Lomography

While the steps might be easy, the results are pretty awesome. The best part of this technique is the unpredictable nature of it. You never know quite what you will get, and you can alter your process each time for slightly varied effects.

The interaction of the chemicals and the film yield some psychedlic-looking photos, adding a dreamlike effect to your images. If you have time to kill this weekend, go make some beautifully random Lomographs.

Head over to Lomography to get specific step-by-step instructions to get cookin’.