Photoshop Tools And Their Darkroom Equivalents

By now, you’re probably explicitly familiar with many of the tools in Photoshop. Even if you don’t know their names, you recognize their little icons and have the shortcuts memorized. But, if you have never spent much time in the darkroom, you might not know that many of the tools have analog photography roots.

This video shows the process of making a print the old fashioned way in a darkroom. Along the way, the presenter does a great job explaining the tools and how they influenced the digital tools we currently use in our software programs.

If you’ve never made an analog print, you might not know that a dodge tool was, most of the time, a simple piece of card stock or paper attached to a wire. For many people it’s just the “O” key on their keyboard.

While this knowledge may never come in handy for many people as darkrooms become harder and harder to come by, I highly recommend trying the analog printing process at least once if you haven’t. There really is nothing quite like blowing through a bunch of paper in trial and error before seeing the perfect print materialize in the tray before you. I can practically smell the chemicals just thinking about it.

From: ISO 1200