110 35mm
Photo by dvzncndo.

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One of the fun things about shooting analog is just how much you can play with the recording medium itself. You can take the physical film and modify it in all sorts of ways for curious and unexpected effects. Over at Lomography Magazine, one user started playing with film, and figured out how to fit two 110 film rolls into a 35mm canister.

The process itself is pretty straightforward. The 110 cartridges are split open, laid next to one another, and both ends taped to spare pieces of 35mm film. The combined width of both rolls of 110 is about the same as traditional 35mm film, allowing it be loaded back onto a spool, and then shot in a 35mm film camera.

The resulting images are delightfully bizarre, with clearly visible splits, and frame numbers printed over the middle of the photograph. But for all that, they’re charming, unique, and show off that sometimes it’s okay to take something apart in the name of art, if only to see what happens.