Tips From a Pro: An Intro the Tiny World of Macro Photography

Extreme closeups provide a startling view of the tiny world within our world. Thanks to new techniques images that were once impossible are no longer

Lesser stag beetle, Feltwell, England Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Nikon PB6 bellows, 63mm Zeiss Luminar lens, Ikea LED lamps. 70-image focus stack: 1/10 sec, ISO 50. David Maitland
Long-legged centipede, Danum Valley, Borneo Same DSLR, lighting, and beanbag as for the frog. Exposure with 65mm Canon MP-E Macro: 1/250 sec at f/5.6, ISO 50. David Maitland
Zebra jumping spider, Feltwell Shot at about 10X life-size with 40mm Zeiss Luminar microscope lens on EOS 5D Mark II and bellows; LED lamps in softboxes. 187-image stack: 1/5 sec, ISO 50. David Maitland
Fluorescing Scorpion, Kumai, Borneo Maitland used two handheld UV Gear 41 ultraviolet lamps to get the glow in this scorpion. Tripod-mounted 1Ds Mark II with the 65mm MP-E lens was used for the exposure of 30 sec at f/9, ISO 50. David Maitland
Spiderlings, Feltwell Just-hatched wall spiders in cocoon. Same gear, except dark-field illumination from below by a quartz halogen light. 33-image stack: 1/5 sec, ISO 50. David Maitland