Worm and frog, Calne, England A young common frog tries to swallow a big tiger worm. Canon EOS-1Ds Mark II, 100mm f/2.8 Macro Canon EF lens, Canon Macro Twin Lite MT-24EX with softboxes, and beanbag for support; 1/500 sec at f/11, ISO 50. David Maitland
Lesser stag beetle, Feltwell, England Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Nikon PB6 bellows, 63mm Zeiss Luminar lens, Ikea LED lamps. 70-image focus stack: 1/10 sec, ISO 50. David Maitland
Long-legged centipede, Danum Valley, Borneo Same DSLR, lighting, and beanbag as for the frog. Exposure with 65mm Canon MP-E Macro: 1/250 sec at f/5.6, ISO 50. David Maitland
Zebra jumping spider, Feltwell Shot at about 10X life-size with 40mm Zeiss Luminar microscope lens on EOS 5D Mark II and bellows; LED lamps in softboxes. 187-image stack: 1/5 sec, ISO 50. David Maitland
Fluorescing Scorpion, Kumai, Borneo Maitland used two handheld UV Gear 41 ultraviolet lamps to get the glow in this scorpion. Tripod-mounted 1Ds Mark II with the 65mm MP-E lens was used for the exposure of 30 sec at f/9, ISO 50. David Maitland
Spiderlings, Feltwell Just-hatched wall spiders in cocoon. Same gear, except dark-field illumination from below by a quartz halogen light. 33-image stack: 1/5 sec, ISO 50. David Maitland