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Adam Cooper
“The Surgeons” – Two surgeons prepare a donor patient for removal of a kidney that will save the life of his long time friend. Adam Cooper
“IVF” – The highly specialized techniques for Invitro Fertilization is enhanced by this photograph of some of the tools used in the process. Adam Cooper
“Business Portrait” – With over 38,000 employees in a wide variety of positions, quality business portraits are an important staple of photographic services. Adam Cooper
“Chemistry Research” – A long lens and angled camera gives this image a very stock style feel which is what the annual report requires. Adam Cooper
“Colorful Berries” – Seen at a fund raising event for the Health System, there are many opportunities to photograph all types of subjects that will produce pleasing images for display. Adam Cooper
“Fixer Crystal” – Photographed through a polarizing microscope, the image of the photographic chemical creates interesting colors and patterns. Adam Cooper
“Mummy in CT” – A unique opportunity came to our facility to study mummies through the non-invasive use of CT scanning. Adam Cooper
“NQF Award” – Glassware is normally a unique lighting challenge, but when you have twisting crystal, it increases the challenge. This is the Health System’s national quality award received in 2010. Adam Cooper
“Pharmacy Panorama” – Photographed with a VR head in eight steps, this image is stitched in Photoshop and then turned into a VR Tour using VR Worx. Adam Cooper
“Reaching For Science” – New creative opportunities arise when working toward an annual report. The challenge many times is to photograph subjects that may not be very exciting in and of itself and to produce something visually stimulating. Adam Cooper
“Rust Auditorium” – This 500 seat auditorium is photographed here with a 10.5mm lens for added effect of the circular ceiling. Adam Cooper
“Women of Science” – Scientists work as a team on the journey to find cures for many diseases. NOTICE: THE NEXT ISSUE DEPICTS SURGERY IN-PROGRESS AND MAY BE TOO GRAPHIC FOR SOME USERS. Adam Cooper
“Brain Tumor Removal” – This series shows the milestones during surgery to remove this brain tumor. This photo series is used to education medical students and residents. Adam Cooper