The Best Places To Photograph Around The World

Top travel photographers reveal their favorite destinations.

Santorini, Greece taken by Karin D. Ludwig (Flickr Stream).
Tuscany, Italy taken by Giovanni Micheletto (Flickr Stream).
Dubai, UAE "Dubai is one of the most unusual places I've been. There's exciting new architecture everywhere you look," says Charles Harris, "yet just outside the city are small villages, mud huts, camel herders, and desert." For this photo, Harris hired a model, asked her to dress in traditional garb, and headed out of Dubai into the nearby desert dunes. (
Adoor Bull Races held in August 2007 in Kerala. Held every year around the time of Onam it is a celebration of agrarian existence and is carried on without any grants or aid from the Government. This is a spectacular fiesta of rural Kerala. There are 2-3 other such events that are held in Kerala. Photo by Anoop Negi (Flickr Stream).
Sheung Wan, Hong Kong by Tim Lam (Flickr Stream).
Antigua, Guatemala "A charming village with cobblestone streets and old-world Spanish architecture, Antigua is also home to Holy week events," says Charles Harris. "There are nonstop mysterious processions throughout." (
"The Perito Moreno Glacier is one of the most important tourist attractions in the Argentine Patagonia. The terminus of the glacier is 5 km wide, with an average height of 60 meters above the surface of the water, with a total ice depth of 170 meters," says Hauke Steinberg (Flickr Stream).
Marrakesh, Morocco by Daniel Bosma (Flickr Stream).
Iceland "Hvitserkur is the last remains of a central volcano, about 15 m high. Legend has it that this is a troll turned into stone when he was surprised by the sun while attacking a nearby abbey with rocks," says Sigfus Sigmundsson (Flickr Stream).
Isle of Man, British Isles by Ron Strathdee (Flickr Stream).
Machu Picchu, Peru by Silvio Pereira Costa (Flickr Stream).Silvio Pereira Costa
Molokai, Hawaii by Irene Suchocki (Flickr Stream).