20 Photography Twitters Worth Following

The photograpy world moves fast, but we can help you keep up.

The microblogging social media site, Twitter is a great way to keep up on what's happening in your social group as well as your industry. If you're a photo enthusiast like us, these 20 microblogs should surely bring joy to your Twitter feed every minute of the day. Feel free to hit us up with suggestions on our own Twitter page @PopPhoto.

A group of visually impaired artists and photographers that create impressive images.

The world's largest news agency does daily slideshows of photos taken in the past 24 hours. Occasionally they post other interesting stuff, too.

From time to time, they're kind enough to post up some Twitter-only coupons on gear.

Interesting news and links from one of the premiere online photography video sites.

If you've ever been to the store, you shouldn't be surprised that their Twitter feed is also prolific.

The frequently updated news is geared toward pros. Or people who want to be pros one day.

Microsoft's Pro Photo community is run by very smart people who know what they're talking about.

Get some inside info into one of the best photo labs in the country. It's especially helpful when keeping track of the Jewish holidays, during which they're closed.

Updates can be infrequent, but when they happen, they're usually worth checking out. Plus, it won't clutter up your feed.

Links to interesting articles, cool photos and stuff from the 1001noisycameras blog.

The editor of Adorama's Learning Center drops all kinds of photo knowledge on your feed.

Get the inside line on the group that distributes high-end equipment like Profoto, Sekonic and Mamiya here in the states.

Lots of links, most of which are photography related. The ones that aren't are usually still pretty entertaining.

Perspective from the other side of the lens from the team that brings you "Look Good in Pictures." Sure, it's a Nikon thing, but even Canon fanboys can get into it.

Kodak's chief blogger can help you out with your Kodak questions and provide interesting stuff (not all of it Kodak specific) to look at.

Updated by the makers of a super-stylish camera bag, it might be the most fashion forward thing in your feed.

If nothing else, it will remind you when there's another fantastic Big Picture presentation to look through.

A great resource for photographers with websites (We assume that's many of you).

She's the chief marketing officer for Tamron so her head is constantly in the game.

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