If you have any doubt that Annie Leibovitz is a control freak-and we mean that in the best sense-check out our exclusive web feature about the woman with the most recognized name in photography. And be sure to pick up a copy of the March/April collector’s issue of American Photo, the fourth in our Master Series, before it disappears from the newsstand. Meanwhile, this short video, which shows Leibovitz at work with roughly ten assistants, producers, and designers, is proof that despite her human and photographic resources she is still in total, masterful control.

The video provides an inside look at Leibovitz as she creates a portrait of Connie Dufgran, co-founder of Profoto-maker of the very lighting system she uses. In it you can hear her flash, the new Profoto Pro-8, beeping at a rate that seems supernatural for a studio unit. The video was shot and edited by MAC Group marketing whiz Matt Hill, with camera B operated by Max Hull, the talented grandson of late Mamiya legend Henry Froehlich. For more about the shoot, visit The Strobist.

In the Studio With Annie Liebovitz from American Photo on Vimeo.