Other than trying to get the color right, how much do you really think about your image’s tone? A few simple moves in Curves in Adobe Photoshop can completely alter its feeling. Here are three quick ways to go bright and cheery, cool and creepy, or warm and cozy.


1. Lab mode can be your friend. Switch to it by going to Image>Mode>Lab Color.

2. Make a curves adjustment layer. Then use the pull-down menu to switch to the “a” channel.

3. Now Move the top point two notches in to the left, and the bottom point two notches in to the right.

4. Change the “B” channel, and repeat Step 3. Click Ok. If the effect is too much, just lower the layer’s opacity. Don’t forget to switch back to RGB mode when you’re finished.

Quick Tips: The quickest way to make an Adjustment Layer is to click the half-black, half-white circle at the bottom of your Layers palette, then pick the one you need.


1. For creepy color, start by creating a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer.

2. Check the colorize button on the bottom right. Set the Hue to 205 and the Saturation to 12. Click OK.

3. Now change the blend mode of the Hue/Saturation layer from Normal to Color.

4. Lower the layer opacity to about 65% to get that horror movie look.

Quick Tips: To see a grid with more boxes, Alt + Click the grid area when you’re in the Curves Adjustment Layer, and more lines will show up. To get rid of them, Alt + Click again.


1. Get started by again going to your Layers palette and making a Curves Adjustment Layer.

2. Where it says channel, use the pull-down menu to select the Blue channel.

3. Move the bottom left point to the right two notches, and the top right one down two notches.

4. Then switch to the red channel and move the bottom left point up one notch and the top right point left one notch. Click OK. If you overdid it, just lower the opacity of your Adjustment Layer.

Quick Tips: When you’re done adjusting and you like your picture, lose the Adjustment Layer by going to Layer > Flatten Image. Then save as usual.