1/2000 @ f/3.0 ISO 100: As with many of the shots for the waters off Bermuda, we had to add some contrast snap and tighten the histogram to make this image pop.


1/2000 @ f/3.0 ISO 100. We were right on top of this mixed school of fish, and after a little contrast snap and saturation boost, the shot looks ready for 4×6 printing.


1/2000 @ f/3.0 ISO 100. Just press the shutter button at whatever you’re looking at and voila — underwater documentation!


1/2000 @ f/3.0 ISO 100. Again, this will look OK as a 4×6 print after some quick adjustments to boost snap and saturation.


1/2000 @ f/3.0 ISO 100: The waters were crystal-clear, and this shot was very over-exposed. Normalizing exposure and boosting saturation makes is a look a little noisy.


1/2000 @ f/3.0 ISO 100: The waters off Bermuda are filled with these little striped Nemo-like fish. The minimum focus distance for the mask is half a meter, so this lone fish is a touch soft as it ventures closer than the camera can capture sharply.