Pimp your ride
If you’re tired of the usual computer slide-shows and web galleries, consider Dub Wheels’ PimpStar LED rims: wheels that look like disco lights when your car’s stopped, then display images when it moves. You can even send the pictures to your wheels from your laptop- hopefully at a red light. Ranging from $12,500 to $19,500 for a set of four, street. (

Unwire your camera
Soon you won’t have to have Wi-fi built into your camera to beam pictures into your computer (even straight to the web) while shooting in the backyard: Eye-Fi’s Eye Film memory card (forthcoming in SD and CompactFlash) will have wireless built in, no special technology necessary. (

Count your Pixels before they hatch
Can’t figure out how many 3504×2336 pictures will fit on a 1GB card? Trying to guess the maximum height you’ll be able to print a 6MP picture at 300 dpi? The megapixel calculator, at, can help. Input your own resolution dimensions or click on your camera to find out everything from your image’s aspect to how many RAWs vs. JPEGs will fit on your card.

Remember where you shoot it
If you can’t recall where you left your Tilley Hat, much less where you took a photo, consider the GPS-enabled TrackStick, a pocket size battery-powered accessory with a USB connector. point it skyward to catch a signal, and keep it with you as you shoot. Sync its time with your camera’s, the pinpoint exactly where you got that great shot,or go back to the same place to try it again if you didn’t. Price, $250, street. (TrackStick;