The season for getting out and shooting has arrived, but not all of us have what we need to tote around the new gear we acquired over the winter. Whether you need a new bag for taking your gear on a summer expedition, something classy to show up to a wedding shoot with, or just something practical to sling over your shoulder, this batch of newly available camera bags should have something for you.

Crumpler Cork & Fork and Period CharmerThese complementary bags work together to create a flexible system for travelling with camera gear. The Cork & Fork is a padded backpack with padded shoulder straps, an adjustable waist strap, a built-in rain cover, and a tripod mounting strap. Its interior features a long, flexible padded “snake” that can be configured to separate and cushion lenses, camera bodies, and flash units. The backpack’s exterior is rigid to protect gear but soft to make it comfortable to wear, and is designed to fit into the Period Charmer, a rolling carry-on bag. $550.
Crumpler Rufous WhistlerThis limited-edition shoulder bag is a version of Crumpler’s 5 Million Dollar Home model that has been customized for bird watchers. In addition to having a bird motif, the water-resistant nylon bag distinguishes itself as a birder’s bag by coming with a silencing pad to stick on the main Velcro release flap so as not to scare away birds when opening the bag. $90.
Jill-e Medium BagFemale photographers who need serious protection for their gear but would rather avoid the canvas-and-nylon look can turn to Jill-e backs for more stylish options. The medium-size Jill-e bag has dual carrying handles and a padded detachable shoulder strap. On the inside, there are configurable padded separators to keep lenses and camera bodies safe, mesh pockets for storing memory cards and other accessories, and a detachable pouch for personal items. Also available in black and bone. $239.
Domke F-9 and F-10These classic canvas padded shoulder bags are both large enough to hold a consumer digital SLR with lenses and a flash unit. Their interior dividers are adjustable, and both have large zippered front pockets. The F10 is a bit larger than the F9. Both are made of water-resistant canvas and have shoulder straps and a top handle. The F9 and F10 come in tan, green, and black. F9, $100; F10, $115.
Domke F-300This water-resistant, padded canvas shoulder bag is specifically designed to carry a pro camera body with a 300mm lens attached. Its vertical, angled design makes it quick to pull the camera out and shoot, and its front pockets provide easy access to accessories. A Velcro strap on the side can be used to attach a monopod. $190.
LowePro Inverse AW seriesThese versatile, water-resistant bags can be worn two ways: around your waist with a padded mesh lumbar belt or over your shoulder with a padded harness. Their tops open 180 degrees to make access to the configurable main compartment easy. They have built-in rain covers that can be pulled out for protection from inclement weather, and locking straps for attaching a tripod. Zippered exterior pockets and mesh panels hold accessories. The 200 is slightly larger than the 100, although both can accommodate a pro body with lenses and flash. Available in black, blue, and green. Inverse 100, $79.99; Inverse 200, $89.99.
LowePro Nova AW seriesThis series of nylon shoulder bags offers configurable interior compartments to hold SLR kits of varying sizes, with the three largest models able to accommodate pro bodies. In addition to their shoulder straps, they have padded top handles and built-in belt loops. The Novas are designed to stand up to outdoor shooting conditions, with built-in rain covers that can be pulled out to protect them from inclement weather while still permitting access to the bags’ interiors. Their zippered front pockets and interior panels hold accessories. The three smaller models have a sleeve that slips over a rolling luggage handle to make them easier to transport. Available in black, red, brown, and blue. Nova 140, $59.99; Nova 160, $64.99; Nova 170, $69.99; Nova 180, $87.99; Nova 190, $99.99; Nova 200, $109.99.