Best of the Reader's Gallery

Check out these amazing photographs posted and shared in the Pop Photo forums.



Welcome to our second installment of "Best of the Reader's Gallery." This gallery features just a handful of the amazing photographs posted and shared by in the Pop Photo forums during December, 2007. It's fun and easy to get involved, and even if your shot isn't one of the lucky few selected for the slideshow, you'll still get great feedback on your shots from some of the most talented and helpful photographers anywhere on the Web -- our forum regulars.

Our top vote-getters this month? For a single photograph, it's a tie between Tuna Onder (Tuna) of Virginia, and Charles Studley, DC, ("Orthoguy") of North Carolina. Most overall votes for a single photographer across multiple photographs? That would be Southern California's Tim Coder ("Photognovice"), who had six photographs garner at least one vote each.

We'd also like to give special recognition this month to Richard Ryerson of Arkansas ("Richie") for using his photographic talents to help find homes for shelter dogs. His Bella #2 shot shown here helped find a home for the beautiful pup!

What are you waiting for? Click on the photo to launch the slideshow, and visit the Pop Photo forums to start sharing your own photos!