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Some people ridicule the Instagram food photography influx while others like the Foodography series of dinners and workshops embrace it. Designed by Carmel Winery as a concept for the younger, social-media-obsessed generations, Foodography includes all the right elements to ensure you get the most-liked Instagram post possible.

The five-course Foodography dinner was created by chef Meir Adoni, the owner of Catit restaurant group in Israel, and is designed to be as colorful and photo-worthy as possible.

Carmel wineries worked with a ceramic artist to design dishware specifically for you Instagramming needs to the point that they even have a built-in stand for the smartphone. One dish, named “360,” is a revolving platform that spins on an axis to let you capture every possible angle of your meal.

The second model, called “The Limbo,” was designed to shoot still-life photos of your food. A high backdrop cuts out distractions to give it a studio aesthetic.

Beyond the specialty food and dishes, the experience also includes top food photographer, Dan Perez, on hand to instruct guests on their smartphone techniques.

[Via: PSFK]