Nikon Hot Shoe Cover Japan

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For the most part, DSLR cameras are sealed up pretty tightly and do a solid job of keeping gunk off of important pieces. The hot shoe (that little square connection port on top of the camera where the flash attaches) however is an exception, often remaining exposed and collecting grime. Now, Nikon Japan is selling an official stainless steel hot shoe cover for their DSLRs.

There are already plenty of third party hot shoe covers out there and some cameras even come with cheap plastic ones, but this one comes straight from Nikon, which might be appealing to some Nikon shooters.


It’s currently a Japan-only product, but this is the kind of thing that may quietly become available here in the States down the road. You can currently buy one on eBay for roughly $35 or you could really treat yourself and go with one of the hand-made silver hot shoe covers from Jay Tsujimura. I have to admit, that lizard skin one looks pretty excellent.

From: Nikon Rumors