Phase One A-Series Mirrorless Medium Format Camera

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Not too long ago, one of Phase One’s official dealers prematurely announced their new A-series cameras. Now, however, they have gone official with news of their new package and it looks even better than before.

The actual camera body is an Apla 12TC, which is, for the most part, a heavy duty metal square with a grip to which you can attach a medium format digital back and a lens board for a large format Rodenstock lens. This type of kit existed before, but it’s only with the advent of medium format CMOS sensors that it really became a practical option. Because you can use live view, you can actually use the LCD to focus the camera and compose shots. With older CCD bodies, you had to either focus by measuring the distance between you and your subject, or carefully switching gout a ground glass back, focusing, then putting the digital back on the camera again.


it’s not a simple off-the-rack solution, they, as Phase One has done some tweaking to make everything work together perfectly. Each kit comes with a 35mm lense, but there are two other available lens options in the ultra-wide 23mm or the 70mm.