Sigma Teleconverters and filters

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Massive zoom lenses aren’t the only thing Sigma has been working on for Photokina 2014. Today, they’re also announcing a line of teleconverters and a series of optical filters.

The teleconverters come in the very familiar 1.4x and 2x configurations. The TC-1401 has has a single Super-Low Dispersion glass element and will sell for $349, while the TC-2001 has a pair of SLD elements and will cost $400. While the Sigma press material suggests that the converters are specifically designed to work with Sigma lenses, we’re curious to see how they perform across a range of glass. They are, however, promising excellent image quality and flat performance across the entire frame, which is what you want out of a converter.


There are four filter options in the new series as well. They start with a standard UV filter, as well as a circular polarizer. The other two models are meant to be optically transparent and offer simple protection for the front element of your lens. There’s a normal Protector and then there’s a WR version, which has a Water Resistant coating, which can also be found on the UV and Polarizer filters.

The filters use black-rimmed glass and slim profiles to help cut down on common filter issues like vignetting on wide-angle lenses and ghosting, respectively.

We’re excited to check out these new accessories on the show floor next week at Photokina 2014.