vacuum lens

Sensor cleaning is a task that is one part science, one part magic, and brings with it an impressive amount of stress. Some people will say you should never do it yourself, and leave it to professionals. Others will only use dedicated sensor cleaning sticks. And some brave souls tackle it themselves with some vodka and a cotton swab. But how does a vacuum cleaner lens strike you?

This Canon mount (red ring and all) “lens” is made by Chinese manufacture Nisshin Seiko. And, apparently, it has a high-speed motor built in, so that when you click the shutter, it should suck all the dust particles off your camera’s sensor. While not available in the USA, it’s set to go for 3,500 yen / 210 yuan / $34.


While we haven’t tried it, it seems like a safe bet that you should never, evern use it. If it’s a vacuum, it probably won’t do much more than your camera’s own sensor cleaning setting, which should shake free any loose particles—and it won’t do anything for more firmly stuck grime. And with it sucking in air from somewhere, you might end up with more dust floating around inside your mirrorbox than when you started.

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