ricoh k-3 prestige

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Of all the major manufacturers, Ricoh-Pentax has something of a reputation for playing with wild and weird limited edition cameras. But the newest hard to find variant is a far more understated take on the special edition: a gunmetal variant of the K-3 called the K-3 Prestige.

Only 2,000 of the Prestige will be made worldwide, and it will ship with a gunmetal D-BG5 battery grip to pair with it. According to a press release, the K-3 Prestige “commemorates the many awards bestowed upon the K-3 by revered photography publications and organizations…. This illustrious version of the award winning K-3 will be available in a limited quantity making this special edition highly sought after.”

On a hardware level, the K-3 Prestige is unchanged, offering the same handling and performance from the original. It’s just with a gunmetal paint job, a special grip, as well as “an exclusive, black leather strap”, and two batteries.

The K-3 Prestige will go for $1399.95 when it debuts next month, an extremely reasonable price for a limited edition model, since the standard K-3 still fetches $1200 for just the body.

As far as limited edition variants go, this one is comparatively understated and affordable—so might actually be worth hunting down if you’re a dedicated Pentaxian.