TIP polaroid spectra

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The Polaroid Spectra (the Image in other markets) isn’t quite as well known as many other instant cameras, and relied on a different format of film than most of the competition. With a 3.5×2.9-inch image area, shooting Spectra is a bit different from your usual square Polaroid film. Now, the folks at the Impossible Project are bringing back a black-and-white film for the Spectra line, and it’s available for pre-order.

The Impossible Project curently has a color Image/Spectra, and previously offered a black-and-white option, but it was withdrawn from production last year. Now the film has been totally re-tooled, and is up for pre-order:

Since this is a pre-release, it’s available with just a plain white box rather than the more traditional designs of the rest of Impossible’s products. The company doesn’t even have it in its HQ yet, so there are no example images, and are instead fast-tracking it for sale so that people can get their hands on the film as soon as possible.

So if you have a Spectra/Image camera, the number of films available to you has essentially just doubled. Now, who do we talk to about getting Polaroid Grid Film back on the market?