VSCO Cam Gets New Essence / Archetype Filter Collection

The best smartphone image app around gets a new set of filters

vsco cam

vsco cam

Here at PopPhoto, VSCO Cam is firmly one of our favorite smartphone image editing apps. Now, the popular app is getting a new set of eight image presets, dubbed the Essence / Archetype Collection. Based on the esthetic of the recent VSCO Film 05 pack, the full set of filters will set you back $1.99 as an in-app purchase. Here's how it's described:

We are proud to announce the new Essence / Archetype Collection for VSCO Cam iOS and Android. Crafted in the spirit of the recently released VSCO Film 05 for Lightroom and Photoshop, Essence / Archetype embellishes golden highlights and deep shadows, harkening back to the gilded age of consumer film stock.

Specially priced at $1.99 for eight Presets within the VSCO Cam Store, this comprehensive Collection excels in a variety of situations. Unveiling shades of indigo within the shadows to marigold hues revealed in the highlights, E1-E8 are must have Presets to capture the essence of classic film stock.

The new filters lean towards deep, dark shadows, and boosted blue and orange hues.

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