Nik Collection Gets Update With Analog Efex Pro v2

A free update for Nik Collection users

nik analog efex pro 2

nik analog efex pro 2

Google/Nik Photography has just announced a significant update to its popular Nik Collection series of filters and plugins. The freshly unveiled Analog Efex Pro v2 is a free download for existing users (or a 14 day demo for new users). This comes as good news for those who were worried that Google's purchase of Nik would kill its plugins (like it did the desktop app).

Here's what's new in this version:

New control points - Delivering one of the most requested features by our users, control points let you fine tune the presence of Photo Plates, Light Leaks, the Dirt & Scratches filter and Basic Adjustments using our U Point® Technology.

New Cameras and Presets - Expanding on the Cameras from the previous version, you now have access to a larger assortment of new Cameras and presets that take advantage of the powerful filters of Analog Efex Pro 2, such as Black and White, Subtle Bokeh and Simple Color.

New creative ways to present your images - Three new filters into the Camera Kit, that let you showcase your photos in truly creative ways with Motion Blur, Multilens and Double Exposure.

According to PetaPixel, who got an early hands on with the plugin pack, the new version not only offers new features, but also substantial speed boosts.

To get the updated version, head here to download the demo, which should also automatically unlock for existing customers. You can also see more of what Analog Efex Pro 2 is capable of through Nik's YouTube channel.