filson magnum

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Filson is a brand with a long-earned reputation for well-constructed, straightforward, and eminently practical clothes and gear. Now, the company has partnered with two of Magnum’s biggest names for a series of camera bags. The Filson + Magnum Collection was created in collaboration with Steve McCurry and David Alan Harvey, and Filson is calling it “designed by photographers, for photographers.”

Harvey and McCurry talked to Time Lightbox about the collection, which is set to launch today. The bags are designed to have features that photographers will find useful, such as extended pocket flaps to deflect rain, and well thought out organizational systems. However, the understated nature of the bags is also important to help them look as inconspicuous as possible. As McCurry put it:

Filson gear doesn’t run cheap, and the bags will run $245-$425, depending on the model you go for. But given the amount of time that these men have spent lugging their gear around, hopefully it will pay off with some excellently crafted gear.

[via PetaPixel]