lensbaby fisheye

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Lensbaby has added another piece of glass to its popular collection of toy lenses. The freshly unveiled Circular Fisheye lens has a 5.8mm focal length, equating to a 185° field of view on an APS-C sensor. Available for pre-order for $299.95 on both Canon and Nikon mounts, it’s capable of being focused down to just 1/4-inch.

As with other Lensbaby lenses, it’s entirely manual, so don’t expect any sort of electronic help. It has an aperture range of f/3.5-22, and is optimized for APS-C sensors—but if you want to mount it on a full-frame camera, you probably could. You’d just be left with a much smaller image circle.

Lensbaby lenses are known for producing some interesting optical effects. In this case, not only does the Circular Fisheye have an extremely wide field of view, but also a reflective internal barrel, which produces interesting reflections, flares, and light spills in a halo around the main image.