GPixel's Enormous 150MP "Full Frame" Sensor

Able to record images at a whopping 30,000x5,000 pixel resolution

150mp sensor

150mp sensor

The world of scientific imaging often seens incredible technology developed that's a far cry from what we're used to seeing on consumer oriented cameras. GPixel's new GMAX3005 sensor is a perfect example of that—an almost comically shaped and enormous sensor, but one capable of producing 150-megapixel images at 10fps for research applications.

Measuring in at 167.6x30.1mm, it's technically full-frame height, despite being immensely long. It's limited to black and white images only, but is capable of capturing 30,000x5,000 pixel files at 10fps, or faster if only part of the sensor is used at one time.

According to the official specs

GMAX3005 has 16-bit on-chip ADC with 12-bit ENOB, and 120 LVDS output pairs running at 200Mbps. GMAX3005 is ideal for applications that require high sensitivity; it reaches a noise level of 4e- with a dynamic range of 75.4dB, and over 70% quantum efficiency at 550nm wavelength. GMAX3005 has a dark current as low as 10e-/s/pixel at 32ºC, which makes long exposure possible even without active cooling.

Obviously the GMAX3005 is a long way removed from the sensor that's in your DSLR, but it's an incredible feat of engineering, and just goes to show that there is some incredible technology that comes through on the research side of the market which we may never get to see.