dxo red epic

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DxOMark has undertaken one of its detailed sensor based tests on a very different camera than usual—it’s put the Red Epic Dragon under the microscope, and what the site found was a camera sensor better than anything else it’s tested by a significant margin.

Scoring 101 points on the DxOMark scale, the Dragon is the first ever sensor to pass the 100 point mark, but it well beyond the Nikon D800E, which held the previous high water mark at 96 points.

What’s interesting is where the Red Epic Dragon performed so well. It scored in the top spot for both color depth and dynamic range, but came in a relatively more sedate 10th place for image noise. That means the Red Epic Dragon had better color depth and dynamic range than not only full frame cameras, but also some medium format models—and that’s with an APS-H sized sensor.

As DxOMark mentions, this also opens potential for photographers to record video, and just extract a single frame for what they need. As the site puts it:

Of course, the body alone will set you back almost $30,000, but that’s to be expected. Do you think pulling stills from motion capture will ever become the norm?