dxo noise

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DxO has announced a new version of Optics Pro, promising even better noise reduction in this already well regarded piece of software. DxO Optics Pro 9 features not just overhauled noise handling, but also a retooled workspace, better shadow and highlight recovery, improved color handling colors, faster speed, and a new export system.

DxO Optics Pro uses DxO’s PRIME (Probabilistic Raw IMage Enhancement) denoising technology, which it claims “offers a gain in image quality of up to one full stop over the best noise reduction algorithms currently on the market.” In a press release, Frédéric Guichard, Chief Scientific Officer of DxO Labs explained how this works:

This is a slower method of reducing noise, but offers a better final result. The software will retain its “classic” setting for those who want things to happen a bit faster.

The new software also improves how it recovers detail from highlights and shadows, and better color rendering. It also now has a simplified export system, and a retooled workspace.

For a limited time DxO Optics Pro 9 is available for a reduced rate. You can now pick up the Standard Edition for $99 (down from $169), or the Elide Edition for $199 rather than $299. DxO explains the difference between the two versions as, “The Standard edition is calibrated to support a large number of compact, bridge, and DSLR cameras. The Elite edition supports numerous additional consumer, professional and high-end camera/lens combinations.”