New Gear: Schneider-Kreuznach Unveils Six Cine Lenses

These six new prime lenses will work with both dedicated cinema cameras, and DSLRs

schneider cine

schneider cine

Lens makers Schneider-Kreuznach announced a total of six new prime lenses, adding even more glass to its already extensive collection. At the International Broadcast Conference (IBC), the company announced five Xenon full-frame primes, designed for 4K cameras, and full-frame sensors, as well as a 14mm addition to the CINEXENAR III line.

The Xenon full-frame primes include a T2.1/35mm, a T2.1/50mm and a T2.1/75mm (which will land later this year); also a T2.1/25mm wide angle and a T2.1/100mm telephoto lens will be abailable early 2014. All five lenses can be mounted on either Nikon, Canon, or PL-mount, and all five are color matched, and designed for work with 4K video. They also all feature:

A standard aperture of T2.1 as well as identical external dimensions and positioning of the controls in all lenses. A circular aperture with 14 blades to ensure a harmonious bokeh. Robust cine-style lens mechanics Manual, precise and reproducible focus settings with a 300° angle of rotation Larger focus and distance scales for easier focusing even with greater distances, readable on both sides M95 filter thread Exchangeable bayonet interface

The CINEXENAR III T2.2/14mm is the widest member of the CINEXENAR line, and is expected to land Q4 of this year. It has a PL-mount, but with an interchangeable camera bayonet for use on SLRs. The company describes the line as:

All of the lenses stand out for their telecentric design, user-friendly focus with highly legible inscriptions and precise setting mechanisms. Because all of the lenses have the same dimensions and identically positioned setting elements, they are easily interchangeable. The modular design also makes the lenses particularly easy to service.

No information about pricing has been announced, but given that these are cine lenses, you can expect them to be on the exspensive side.