May 2013 Lens Test Tamron Main

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Sending gear away to be fixed is the worst. But, Tamron has just announced a new initiative to get lens repairs done in just three business days, getting your gear back in your hands as soon as possible.

According to the press release:

Over the last year, Tamron has reportedly done a lot to improve the turnaround on repairs. The company has hired more repair technicians, and customer service staff, as well as changing internal systems to get the lenses inspected and sent to the right department faster.

You’re still going to be waiting for shipping on either end of this process, but it does mean that your lens will spend a lot less time in a warehouse waiting for a technician to get to it. And anything that gets your gear repaired and back to you faster is a good thing in our books. No one wants to miss a killer shot because their favorite lens is in the shop.

The timing of the announcement makes sense, too, with Sigma having just recenlty announced a serious bump in their warranty program. This is the kind of competition we all like to see. Keep it up!