3lt monopods

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The UK based tripod manufacturer 3LeggedThing has unveiled a trio of monopods, for those of you who prefer shooting with just one leg attached to your camera.

Available to purchase from the 3LT website, the trio of 1LeggedThings were developed with help from photographers, and represent a wide swathe of sizes and weights.

Heading up the line is the flagship “Pete” monopod, crafted of carbon fiber. Both the largest and the lightest, it weighs 450g (just under 1lbs), can extend to 1660mm (5.4 feet), collapses to 635mm (around 2 feet), and can support 18kg (40lbs) of gear.

The “Sid” is the magnesium alloy version of the Pete, which has the same size and weight capacity, but clocks in itself at 532g (1.2lbs), and is notably less expensive.

For frequent travelers, the “Bob” carbon fiber monopod collapses smaller, and extends further due to its five section design. It goes from 455mm (1.5 feet) to 1690mm (5.5 feet), weighs 456g (1lbs), and can also hold a weight of 18kg (40lbs).

All three also come with padded monopod bags, including enough room for an attached head, and pockets for anything extra you have floating around.

[via the Phoblographer]