big bracket

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Earlier today, Adorama announced a new folding flash bracket in an email. While there’s not much information about that bracket, what actually caught our eyes far more was another bracket the company sells, the Flashpoint Camera Cage Bracket with Many Shoes.

This bizarre, $64 camera cage not only holds your camera, but has two side handles, a plethora of 1/4 x 20 and 3/8 x 16 threaded holes, and nine slots for shoe mounts.

The cage is seemingly designed for videographers. With two side handles, you won’t be able to hit a normal shutter, but it will work fine for when recording video. You could also use all the mounts for mics and video lights. But with the image Adorama chose to illustrate the camera cage, we found ourself asking “why stop at two strobes?” After all, if it can load up nine flashes, why not put nine flashes on the thing?

What do you think? Would the Flashpoint Camera Cage Bracket with Many Shoes be at all useful? Could you see yourself using this thing? How? Or is it an unholy behemoth of metal, that would be totally impractical?