Digital cameras have spoiled in more ways than one. One of the main conveniences, though, is the fact that we no longer need to carry a notebook for jotting down exposure data after every shot. The universal adoption of EXIF metadata means you just open up an old image, and look at what your shooting settings were. Now, a handy smartphone app lets you record that data digitally for your film photos.

PhotoExif is a $1.99 iPhone app which allows you to record lens, focal distance, aperture, shutter speed and geolocation of your photographs, much like the EXIF information that you’d normally find on a digital image. You keep a catalog of bodies, lenses, and films, and combine them to track to the shots you’ve made. You can even make notes of specific circumstances or points of interest of a particular shot.

However, having that info sitting on your phone isn’t that useful, which is where the companion desktop app comes in. You download the EXIF info from the iPhone app to the desktop app, and then apply it to the images, where it then embeds the EXIF information into the file’s metadata. So now the image has all the appropriate information associated with it, and it can be read by any standard EXIF reading application.

This isn’t the first such app we’ve seen, there are in fact a couple of others — but this one does seem the most advanced, and the companion app for attaching the information directly to your photos is new, too. Or you could always stay old fashioned, and keep using a notebook.

[via the Phoblographer]