New Gear: Arca-Swiss Launches Retooled Monoball Z1g+

Arca-Swiss' redesigned monoball Z1g+ is lighter, has more features, and wil set you back $749

arca z1g+

arca z1g+

Last year, Arca-Swiss unveiled a new design for one of its most popular tripod heads, the Z1g. This new Z1g+, is not only lighter, but adds a panning top and a new positioning system.

With a list price of $749, the Z1g+ is already available to pre-order through some of the usual suspects. It's 30% smaller and lighter than its predecessor, clocking in at 2.1lbs. According to a press release, the new control system is described as:

Its newly engeneered (sic) Motion Related Gravity Control (MRGC) a variable and bi-directional drag, is independently operative on both axes and stabilized in all directions – and with horizontal movement, the resulting friction remains constant, whereas with vertical movements the friction increases progressively.

Intelligent engeneering _(sic) _and precise manufacturing guarantee for a well distributed radial chucking. With this in mind, the new monobll _(sic) _Z1g+ is, of course, not another primitive loosen/tighten clamp but a higly _(sic) _sophisticated device designed to simultanously _(sic) _give a strong hold while allowing smooth and accurate positioning of the camera.

This kind of tripod head has a pretty dedicated following, many of whom will likely enjoy the smaller, lighter form-factor. What type of tripod head to you prefer? Let us know in the comments.