bathtub processing

If you’re a film photographer, you probably learned pretty early that developing black and white film is easy and straightforward enough that you could do it at home — but working with color is a lot more tricky. But it turns out that as long as you’re precise, can keep track of time and temperature, and are willing to pick up some pretty affordable gear, it’s still totally doable.

Photographer Sam Agnew put together an expansive and detailed rundown of how it all works on his blog. He includes everything from what gear you should pick up, to how best to run the timers, to monitoring the temperature successfully.

Make no mistake, it’s still a precise bit of chemistry, especially as the temperature range for development is just ±1°C. But as long as you keep a wary eye on everything going on, this guide should put you on the right path to developing everything at home, without requiring a dedicated darkroom.

[via Reddit]