Many of us have attempted the 365 day photo project in the past — a personal quest to take a photograph every day for a year. But when photographer Travis Lawton decided he wanted to attempt a year long undertaking, he wanted to use film, not digital. And so he created Project OneRollFifty2, shooting one roll of film every week for a year.

Over the last year, Lawton slowly acquired six different cameras, including SLRs, a rangefinder, a TLR, and an instant, shot around 1500 frames of film, and over the course of the entire project spent around $1000. But, as he says in the YouTube video he made looking back on the whole project, it was all totally worth it.

Lawton is a professional photographer, and he talks about how the limitations of film forced him to slow down, and consider each shot more carefully, since he only had a fixed number of frames, and each one had a dollar value. It’s the same realization that many have had when they’ve tried film after years of digital — that while it can be extremely difficult to get that perfect shot, that when you do it’s definitely worth it, and it forces you to become a better photographer along the way.

If a project like this intrigues you, there’s no reason you can’t do it yourself. Old film cameras can be had for a steal, and many analog films are still available at fairly affordable prices.

[via PetaPixel]