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Thanks to digital photography, we’re shooting more photos than ever before, which means we also spend more time trying to sort out the good shots from the bad ones. The Cullinator makes this process a little less painful by letting you control the whole shebang from a video game controller, detaching you from the keyboard for this lengthy process.

The Cullinator is an all-in-one package, with a controller and software, with prices from $55-$142, depending on how advanced you want to get in your editing with the gamepad. While apparently Mac only, it does allow you to control Lightroom and Photomechanic, as well as set up custom keys to better be to your taste.

However, if that’s a bit rich for you, there are cheaper alternatives if you already have a USB gamepad floating around, or want to use one from a PS3 or XBox 360. Mac users can pick up applications like USB Overdrive or Gamepad Companion, and on the PC there are the likes of XPadder and JoyToKey, all of which allow you to customize each button on a controller to mimic a key press on your keyboard. Then it’s just a matter of configuring a setup that works best for you, and you can lean back and burn through your photos in no time flat.

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