brno dri caps

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It’s winter across the northern hemisphere, and for most people that means rain, snow, and damp — none of which are particularly good things to have around your camera gear. Regardless if you’re stowing away your gear for warmer times, or if you’re just a bit worried about keeping your bag fungus free, you have to be on the watch for camera mold. It turns out you can do more than simply stuff everything with silica gel packs — that a company called BRNO makes lens and body caps designed specifically to keep out the wet.

The BRNO dri+Cap System was announced way back in 2011, but came to our attention recently thanks to additional availability in the UK. The dri+Cap is a set of body and lenscaps that come impregnated with silica gel, and are available for Nikon and Canon bodies. The caps also have a rubber o-ring to make an airtight seal around where you’ve mounted them, and a color changing notification for when you have to swap out the dessicant for a replacement pack. You put them on your camera and lenses, and they should keep the setting dry enough that nothing will grow.

Now, I’m sure the more dedicated DIY-ers in the audience will be plotting ways to do this themselves on the cheap — but for those of us who want a simple solution, the BRNO system sounds pretty ideal. And anything that can help prevent expensive mold removal is a good idea.