gopro filters

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The advantage of having a GoPro camera is that you can take it absolutely anywhere — from the bottom of the oceans to jumping out of an airplane. However, shooting conditions in extreme situations often aren’t perfect, but a new Kickstarter could help make your videos look just a little bit better. Polar Pro Filters has launched a Kickstarter fundraiser for a trio of optical filters for the GoPro Hero 3. Designed to easily snap on and off the camera, each of the three has a specific optical quality to make it useful.

At the most basic, you have a polarizing filter for shooting in bright light, or places with lots of reflected light. However, there are also two other filters designed for undersea use. There’s a red filter for shooting in blue and tropical water, and a magenta one for green and fresh water. Both of these filters can help remove the color cast of shooting in the murky depths, restoring some of the more natural hues.

The company’s YouTube channel is filled with examples of how the filters work, and the red filter in particular has a pretty dramatic effect. There are a limited number of Kickstarter early bird specials, where you can grab one of the filters for $20 — but once those run out, the price jumps to $25. Assuming the project reaches its goal, the eventual pricetag of these filters will be $30 a pop, so you can save a decent amount by getting in at this level.