think tank cables

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At some point in the magnificent future, we’ll all be free of the cables we lug everywhere — but until that happens, we’re stuck trying to organize them and keep them from turning into a tangled mess in our gear bags. To help with this, Think Tank has just beefed up their cable management pouch line, adding extra features to keep you on top of your wires.

The company recently released v2.0 of its Cable Management 10, Cable Management 20, and Cable Management 30 bags, which will set you back $16.75, $21.75, and $24.75 respectively. Each of these bags have clear plastic windows so you can identify what’s in them without rummaging through, and are treated both inside and out to keep out water. For the new generation, Think Tank has rolled out the following features:

  • Elastic cable ties included
  • Grab handle (Cable Management 20 and 30 only)
  • YKK zippers
  • Lightweight and durable materials
  • Business card holder

Between the three different sizes, that should be enough to keep track of whatever you need to take with you: be it just your battery charger, or a couple of extra strobes.