vsco keys

VSCO is a company best known for its Lightroom plugins to mimic classic films. However, the company has just come out with something very different — a custom keyboard shortcut tool called VSCO Keys.

The plugin for Lightroom 3 and Lightroom 4 comes with two custom layouts, and the ability to craft your own via a webtool, and switch between them on the fly. The Simple Layout leaves the default Lightroom keys mostly unchanged, except “the arrow keys and the command plus 1-0 keys.” The Standard Layout is described as “a streamlined combination of simplicity and flexibility, aiming to make as many of Lightroom’s most common editing tools as accessible as possible.”

This isn’t just changing which key activates each tool, it’s more along the lines of assigning very specific macros to each key, so that your most common edits can be achieved with just a single click.

However, this added functionality doesn’t come cheap. It’s $125 for the plugin — but you can get 25% off if you’ve already bought VSCO Film. At least there’s a 14 day trial to see if it’s right for you before dropping the cash. VSCO has recently popped up on some discussion threads, and discussed the price and features, and it sounds pretty respectable.

[via FStoppers]