Benro MeFOTO Tripods

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The name is a bit silly, but Benro’s new travel tripod can actually quickly transform into a monopod without the need for tools. That’s pretty handy.

When totally collapsed, the MeFOTO is just 15-inches long, which is what lands it in travel tripod territory. At maximum height it will hold a camera 64″ off the ground. It weighs 3.6-pounds and can hold up to 17.6 pounds, which is plenty for a full-on DSLR rig.

The head is a Dual Action Q-series ball head, which can be used for both photo and video, which is becoming an increasingly important consideration with the rise of HDSLRs.

The MeFOTO is available now for $229 including legs and head. It comes in five different colors, unfortunately, though, there’s no full-black option. You’ll have to choose from red, green, silver, blue, or a champagne-like tint.