JOby straps

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Joby has announced three new ways of keeping hold of your camera, designed for both SLR and ILCs. The newly announced lines are the UltraFit Sling Strap for Men, UltraFit Sling Strap for Women and 3-Way Camera Strap.

The two UltraFit Slings will go for $49.95 a pop, and are designed slightly differently to take into account differing anatomies. Joby talked with more than 500 photographers to decypher what they wanted in a strap, and the UltraFit Slings are the results. They feature a new design from Joby dubbed “SpeedCinch” to quickly extend the strap long enough to grab a photo, and then easily cinch it back tight against your body. This allows for it to be seated securely, and can be locked in place for added protection. The Slings also featured layered padding on the shoulder region of the strap, as well as high performance webbing along most of its length — and Joby uses heat press binding to stop the edges of the strap from fraying.


As you might guess from the name, the 3-Way Camera Strap is designed to be worn three ways. With an asking price of $39.95, it features a thin line of “Dyneema® Cording” which can be extended and locked in place at any length. This allows the camera strap to be cinched tight enough to fit around your hand, or be extended to dangle from your neck. The cord is rated to hold 90 lbs, so should be able to handle your camera without problem.

We’ll be getting them in soon, so look for a review in the coming weeks.